Intelligent Solution that the World of Yachts Needed: SEARADAR


SEARADAR is a full-cycle yacht booking concierge service for professional captains. Our company provides a wide range of services such as yacht booking, registration of documents for charter, agency services, consulting on routes, and nuances of travel in different countries.

What sparked the idea of creating Searadar? Any personal stories?

We are from the world of yachting for a long time. Before Searadar, at least several times a year, we face the same old problem of quick and easy yacht rentals for our trips and regattas.

After this situation and other inconveniences, the personal pain gave birth to the question — What if we do it better?

That was the beginning of SEARADAR — an online platform for renting yachts that feature almost all the yachts in the world that are rented. With professional online support, secure payments via Stripe, charter consulting, and advice, a platform offers fast and convenient service to plan your trip on a yacht.

Max and Dima

Briefly describe the market you work in

This is the yacht charter market that includes two types of clients. One group is dedicated to professional captains, beginners with licenses to drive a yacht or just tourists who want to spend their holidays on a yacht. Another group involves yacht owners — individuals or, as is more often the case, charter companies that manage the fleet, keep the yachts clean and technically fit. We are in the middle. But always on the client-side.

Name the key competitive advantages of SEARADAR

First things first, we are not just a yacht rental aggregator, we are a pocket consultant for professional skippers.

Can you introduce yng-year our team members? Maybe you can share a story about how you meet?

We are both long-year, professional captains and IT entrepreneurs. We met on a yacht in Sweden and have been making the world of yacht captains easier ever since.

Max and Dima

What is your pain at the moment? Any struggles or challenges? What can help you to make it through?

We do not have any huge struggles at the moment, but, of course, there are some goals and objectives. The pandemic has severely slowed down our growth which is why our main focus for the upcoming 2021 is to work on rapid growth and go to new markets.

The exciting part: What are your future ambitions?

Our main goal is to become the number 1 company in the world that helps captains organize yacht charters quickly and easily. One of the nearest ambitious plans is to enter the markets of Germany, Sweden, Poland, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and Romania.

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