Growing through the pandemic: SEARADAR raises 200k EUR in funds before entering 2021

Founding 2 startups before the SEARADAR: Dima’s story

In 2010, Dima Beznasiuk, the founder & managing partner of SEARADAR, launched his first startup Emprana that offered a gift-experience service. Emprana became N1 at Russian’s gift-experience market with $3M GMV. Articles about the startup’s success appeared in globally famous media such as Forbes. How is this connected to the SEARADAR? Even in 2013, Dima sold the shares of Emprana. Through the 3 years, he tried 80% of all Emrana experiences — karting, diving, sky-jumping, and indeed — sailing. Then, the idea to change the yachting industry conveniently sparked for the first time.

Dima and Max

Facing the crisis in a professional way

Last year, many travel-related startups stopped their businesses, and others went into “standby” mode. We also faced our own challenges. Usually, the trips are prepared 3–6 months before going to sea, and customers pay in advance for a yacht charter. Since the widespread lockdown, charter companies began to block the advances made to them. Of course, no one made a refund.

Dima says that “despite the pandemic, we didn’t stop working on SEARADAR. We found locations that allow us to sell charters as before. And guess what? In September 2020, we made a triple growth compared to September 2019. We also had a plan to raise 450k EUR in the upcoming year.”


Raised 200k EUR & aspirations for the future growth

Despite the challenging year, SEARADAR continued to grow. Just before entering 2021, SEARADAR attracted the first part of the investment of EUR from two business angels from Estonia and the UK. According to the terms of the round, they have up to 6 months to raise the remaining 250k EUR, meaning they are open to offers from VCs and private investors. This year, the SEARADAR team expects multiple growths and the opening of more locations for sailing worldwide.

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