9 Outstanding B2B HR&ED Tech Solutions You Must Try

We Believe In a Bright Future of HR&ED tech

The Baltic HR&ED Tech Accelerator is focused on helping ambitious HR&ED tech startups deliver a front-runner product or service to the EU market.

With the help of dozens of professional field-experts, who led +200 hours of mentorship meetings, the 8-week acceleration program helped to gain & strengthen high-quality knowledge on structuring business models, business development, sales, marketing, and many more various fields.

Throughout the program, startups had a chance to participate and deepen their knowledge in 25 workshops & fireside chats with guest-speakers, six professional pitch training sessions, and eight weekly valuable evaluation assemblies.

9 Daring & Ambitious HR&ED-tech Startups

Startups, which have applied for the program, demonstrated a wide specter of HR&ED tech solutions. Ranging from team management, employee recruiting & hunting, automation of HR tasks to distance learning systems, motivation & gamification, and many more!

Online Demo Day? We say yes!

For eight weeks, we worked hard with HR&ED startup founders to grow their businesses, prepare them for Demo Day and possible investments.

Started as Promising Startups, ended as RockStars



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Baltic Sandbox

Baltic Sandbox


Baltic Sandbox is a Vilnius-based startup accelerator primarily focused on growing FinTech, SaaS, and Deep Tech startups.