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5 min readNov 20, 2020


It is not new that this year brought multiple challenges and changes to the startup ecosystem and the whole business industry in general.

Have you felt a headache when you have to hunt, recruit, and train new employees online? It is not that bad if your team is up to 10 people, but what about hiring and training hundreds of new workers weekly?

Even if hiring and distance learning processes went smoothly, how to maintain the employees’ motivation and engagement to the company when every worker needs at least weekly recognition? How to protect your staff from mental exhaustion and burnout while working remotely?

This year brought a lot of stress and uncertainness to employee recruiting, various HR tasks, and remote learning systems. Together with HR&ED Tech Accelerator, Baltic Sandbox decided to solve the leading HR and education industry challenges by bringing the educational and practice-based program for the HRtech and EDtech startup founders.

After selecting 9 of the most promising HR&ED startups out of +100 applications, we worked hard to improve and deliver their tech solutions to the EU market.

Now, when an 8-week program is ended, we can proudly say that the acceleration program overcame our expectations and helped to present even nine successfully working products that solve HR and employee education pain points.

We Believe In a Bright Future of HR&ED tech

The Baltic HR&ED Tech Accelerator is focused on helping ambitious HR&ED tech startups deliver a front-runner product or service to the EU market.

With the help of dozens of professional field-experts, who led +200 hours of mentorship meetings, the 8-week acceleration program helped to gain & strengthen high-quality knowledge on structuring business models, business development, sales, marketing, and many more various fields.

Throughout the program, startups had a chance to participate and deepen their knowledge in 25 workshops & fireside chats with guest-speakers, six professional pitch training sessions, and eight weekly valuable evaluation assemblies.

Max Postnikov, the founding partner at Baltic Sandbox, pointed out the importance of combining multiple sources of impact, various coaching sessions, and communication between startups for the successful startup acceleration: “during the first week, a startup founder can hear something useful on a webinar, then he gives a thought on a reflection session, and later meets a mentor for one on one session. Finally, he gets a necessary insight that opens his eyes widely. That is what makes it beautiful — you cannot predict what the impact will be from a single session or webinar. “

Also, the Baltic HR&ED Tech Accelerator supported startups with the establishment of their corporate, investment, media, and partners’ network by providing the network of public and corporate market players, technical & business expertise, and investment network.

9 Daring & Ambitious HR&ED-tech Startups

Startups, which have applied for the program, demonstrated a wide specter of HR&ED tech solutions. Ranging from team management, employee recruiting & hunting, automation of HR tasks to distance learning systems, motivation & gamification, and many more!

After the intensive 2-day Bootcamp, we have selected nine of the most promising and ambitious startups for the acceleration program. Get to know the participated startups of the Baltic HR&ED Tech Accelerator below:

BeSavvy | ED-tech | They teach white-collar workers to solve real-world problems using AI simulators. Read more about BESavvy: https://bit.ly/3m5TeXY

Billy App | HR-tech | Billy is a Slack and Microsoft Teams bot, which helps companies with employees’ motivation by creating team economics based on P2P recognition. Read more about Billy App: https://bit.ly/3lofXhW

Click-Storm | HR-tech | Click-Storm provides services to deploy a sports corporate portal, that integrates with API/CRM, with the capability to run sports and esports events. Learn more about Click-Storm: https://bit.ly/3eU7rol

Friday | HR-tech | “Random coffee” on steroids: fight employee isolation, onboard faster, automate corporate networking.

HintEd | ED-tech | Interactive in-application training and onboarding platform. Find out more about HintEd: https://bit.ly/3l6AjMr

Hirio | HR-tech | A no-code cloud recruiter which helps to design digital processes and automate the applicant funnel for mass recruitment teams.

HRBOX | HR-tech | Constructor for automation of HR-processes your company falls in love with. Read more about HRBOX: https://bit.ly/3k7c7sX

Lucky Carrot | HR-tech | All-in-one Employee Engagement Platform. Find out more about Lucky Carrot: https://bit.ly/3nfIEhE

Vectorly | HR-tech | Learning and Development for Product Teams. Learn more about Vectorly: https://bit.ly/2TWCbvw

Online Demo Day? We say yes!

For eight weeks, we worked hard with HR&ED startup founders to grow their businesses, prepare them for Demo Day and possible investments.

After engaging and intense pitch competition, the jury of international investors and corporate partners announced 4 winners out of 9 participating startups. The winning startups were Hinted, Hirio, HRBOX, and Vectorly that received up to $200,000 in funding. Additionally, winner startups will have an opportunity to introduce their products at the main 2020–2021 conferences and pitch on the media.

Without saying, the results once again prove that all the selected startups have a huge potential to grow and successfully enter the EU market.

The Demo Day was also highlighted by the fireside chat with the ecologist, economist, angel investor & VC — Frank Petry and Martynas Kandzeras, the board member at Lithuanian Business Angel Network.

Started as Promising Startups, ended as RockStars

“When I see startups jumping from one level to another, it is always a great highlight for me,” — said Max Postnikov, the founding partner at Baltic Sandbox, and noted that all the startups have impressed with their individual accomplishments through the program.

Throughout the program, startups reflected their rapid progress by doing hundreds of interviews with potential EU customers, exclusively improving their pitch decks. Also, by connecting & adding dozens of new investors in pipelines, hitting new records in revenue, and many more!

Also, startups shared that they all reached different individual goals. Some of them completely changed their initial value proposition and invented new products, and others learned the frameworks of developing B2B business models and penetrating the EU market with their first pilots.

Even though the acceleration program is over, the businesses of startups are just taking off. Max Postnikov mentioned that it is essential to stay in that acceleration mindset for as long as possible: “Startups were working at a very high speed: learning, testing hypotheses, analyzing what they do, and rethinking their businesses. But the program was just a kick-off, so they can grow faster. They need to maintain the speed after the program as well.”

What is even more fascinating is that startups gathered and worked on the most relevant problems together. They created an ambitious, talented, and friendly environment to grow and skyrocket the startup ecosystem. We can say that even the Baltic HR&ED Tech Accelerator is just the beginning of many inspiring startup journeys.

Learn more about the Baltic HR&ED Tech Accelerator: https://hredtech.vc/balticsandbox

Written by Kristina Kirkliauskaite, the Communication Manager at Baltic Sandbox



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